7.6 Contraction for com [XIII.44]

The contraction for com is similar in use to be, con, and dis in that it can only be used at the beginning of a word or at the beginning of a line in a divided word. However, unlike be, con and dis, it need not constitute an entire syllable in order to be used. Thus, this contraction is used in words like come and coma as well as in words like command and compost.

To avoid confusion with punctuation, this contraction can never be used in contact with a hyphen, dash, or apostrophe—whether such punctuation comes before or after the letters. This rule applies even though a composition sign may intervene between such punctuation and the letters com. Example:

"Come in! Com'ere and meet the ex-committee chairwoman, Jane Heath-Comar."

Note: In the previous example, the name "Heath-Comar" uses a braille contraction (ea) that will be introduced later.