2.3 Period, Question Mark, Exclamation Point, Comma, Semicolon, Colon [I.1]

The use, order, and spacing of braille punctuation should follow print practice except in specific instances to be covered later in this manual. As in print, only one space (cell) is left empty following commas and semicolons. However, unlike print which often leaves two blank spaces following a colon and between sentences, onlyone empty cell is left in braille.

Learn the following punctuation signs:

period .
(dots 2-5-6)
question mark ?
(dots 2-3-6)
exclamation point !
(dots 2-3-5)
comma ,
(dot 2)
semicolon ;
(dots 2-3)
colon :
(dots 2-5)

Drill 5

Practice brailling the following sentences. Treat each sentence as a paragraph, starting in cell 3 with runover lines starting at the marginóregardless of how it appears in print.

Try the drill in WESBraille.