Lesson 7

Whole-Word Lower-Sign Contractions for
in, enough, be, his, was, were
Part-Word Lower-Sign Contractions for in, en, be, con, dis, com
Introduction to Short-Form Words

7.1 Definition of Lower Signs

In addition to the one-cell contractions already studied, there is another group of contractions known as lower signs. Combinations of dots from the middle and/or lower portion of the cell form these lower contractions. In other words, none of them contains an upper dot, dot 1 or dot 4. It should be noted that all of the punctuation signs studied in Lesson 2 are formed in the lower part of the cell. There are lower-sign contractions for both whole words and parts of words. Following are the lower-sign contractions that will be studied in this lesson.


Whole-Word Meaning


Part-Word Meaning

in in
enough en
be be
his con
was dis
were com

Note that the contractions for the WORDS in, enough, and be are the same as the contractions for the LETTERS in, en, and be.