3.1b Dividing hyphenated and long numbers between lines.

Numbers that are joined by a hyphen and appear together on one line do not require a second number sign before the second number. If, however, the hyphen joining two numbers falls at the end of the braille line, the number sign must be repeated at the beginning of the following line. Examples:

1990-96 1990-

• Note: Because number-word combinations are common in print (6-pack, 7-Up), repeating the number sign in a hyphenated number that is divided between lines makes it clear to the reader that it is a number that continues and not a word. If the number sign had not been repeated at the beginning of the next line, 1990-96 could be confused with 1990-if.

Long numbers may be divided between lines only following a comma—and when at least four digits of the number remain on the first line. Numbers without commas or of six digits or fewer should not be divided between braille lines. Because the comma and hyphen signal that the number is continuing, a second number sign is not necessary and should not be used before the continuation of a long number on the following line. Example: