17.7 Pagination

A book that is brailled without any indication of the print page numbers is said to be brailled using literary-style pagination. This is the method generally used for magazines, craft instructions, menus, novels, and other recreational reading where it is not important to the braille reader to know where a print page starts or ends.

It is suggested that any book that has an index, will be used in a classroom, or serves as a reference be brailled in textbook style; i.e., the beginning of every print page is clearly delineated and the print page number noted on the braille page.

Interpoint is braille that is embossed on both sides of the page. Agencies that have equipment to produce interpoint should specify the placement of braille and print page numbers.

Pagination of preliminary pages (table of contents, dedications, prefaces, etc.) will be discussed in Lesson 19.