17.3a Short footnotes.

Footnotes of seven words or fewer should be inserted into the braille text following the word or words to which they refer. It is general practice, when counting the number of words in a footnote, to disregard numbers and letters from section identifiers or outlines. Such footnotes are enclosed in brackets, and the reference markers are omitted. Punctuation and capitalization in footnotes follow print. Example:

[The following three examples are facsimiles of print pages showing the text with reference markers and the notes located at the bottom of the page.]

. . . France* and Germany.

*According to the writer, Franz Bellot.

If a print reference marker that refers to a short note is located within parentheses or quotation marks, in braille the short note follows the closing punctuation. Example:

". . . and so justice will prevail!*" He went on to say . . .

*Brown disagrees with this argument.