16.7a Foreign quotation marks.

When French uses guillemets ( ) or German uses inverted quotation marks ( ) to enclose conversation, these are represented in braille by the appropriate English inner or outer quotation mark symbols. This usage should be explained on a transcriber's notes page (to be studied later).

When dashes are used to enclose foreign-language dialogue instead of quotation marks, in braille they are spaced in the same way as quotation marks. That is, the opening conversation dash, preceded by a space, must be in conjunction with the following word or composition sign(s) preceding the word. And the closing dash, which follows the preceding word or mark of punctuation immediately and cannot be separated from it, is followed by a space.

When a dash is used in braille to introduce foreign conversation, this usage must be explained on a special symbols page (to be studied later). Example:

When asked if he had enough money, Pedro said, Tengo mas de veinte pesos.