15.6 Portions of Words in a Different Typeface [II.11]

Occasionally in print a portion of a word is capitalized, italicized, or underlined but not separated from the rest of the word. In literary braille that portion is set apart by inserting hyphens. It is suggested that such words not be divided between lines. Examples:

extradite profess

Note that the termination of the double capitals and italics is not indicated, so BASEball is read BASE-BALL and profess is read pro-fess. This anomaly appears to contradict EBAE Rules II.9.b and 10.a. Although this usage is traditional in literary braille, it is under consideration for revision.

Caution: This rule does not apply when a lower case word ending is added to a fully capitalized word or abbreviation (see 13.1d). Example:

The WCTUers marched