14.5 Superscript and Subscript Numbers and Letters [VIII.31.f and BF Rule 5, 5.f]

Small superscript letters that represent known words, such as for copyright or for trademark, are represented in braille by the words enclosed in parentheses using normal spacing. Other superscript or subscript letters or numerals that are not footnote indicators and cannot be easily expressed in words are also enclosed in parentheses. (Footnotes will be studied in Lesson 17.) They are brailled before or after the word in accordance with their placement and spacing in print. Explain this usage in a transcriber's note (to be studied later). Example:

"A Quick-Fix Bar and lots of H2O is our favorite snack," said the smiling crew- member of America3.

* Note: America3 [America, cubed] is the name of a sailing ship.