13.9a Print symbols brailled as letter abbreviations. [VIII.31.b]

The following print symbols are represented in braille by letters.

Print SymbolBraille EquivalentMeaning
' foot, feet
' minute(s) (angular and time)
" second(s) (angular and time)
# (when following a number) pound(s)(weight)
# (when preceding a number) number
@ at
& ampersand

When a print symbol that is represented in braille by a letter abbreviation immediately follows a number or letter, a letter sign is inserted before the abbreviation. Examples:

The 100# bag was carried 30'.

If the engine heats at 34o C. per min., after 1 hr. it will reach Xo. (Answer in 3.)

When a print symbol immediately precedes a number, in braille no space is left between the letter abbreviation and the number. Example:

Train No. 61 will be coming in on track #2.

In order to make a clear distinction between a symbol that is represented in braille by letters and a letter that immediately follows it, a letter sign is placed before the letters of the symbol and before the following letter. Examples:

34C.34 C.