13.3 Initialisms and Acronyms [VI.27.a(2)]

Initialisms are abbreviations that consist of the first letters of several words and are pronounced as letters. In braille, contractions are not used in initialisms. Examples:

DAR [Daughters of the American Revolution]

EST [Eastern Standard Time]

An acronym is an abbreviation that uses the first letter or letters of each of the successive parts of a compound term and is pronounced as a word. Contractions are used in acronyms if all the letters of the contraction fall within a syllable of the acronym— and for clarity, it is suggested that all of the letters that comprise the contraction should come from the same word. If the meaning of an acronym cannot be determined, do not use contractions. Examples:

MEDICO [Medical Insurance Company]
MEDICO [Maine Development & Investing Company]
FORTRAN [formula translation]
FORTRAN [Federal Organization for Rural Transport]
CINC [Commander in Chief]
SEATO [Southeast Asia Treaty Organization]
WHO [World Health Organization]
NOW [National Organization for Women]