Lesson 13
Abbreviations, Personal Initials, Initialisms and Acronyms,
Slash (Oblique Stroke), Ditto Sign,
Telephone Numbers, Postal Codes, Dates,
Symbols, Format for Letters (correspondence)

13.1 Abbreviations in General [VI.27, VIII.31]

The short-form or abbreviated words studied in Lesson 11 are peculiar to braille. Standard abbreviations, however, are commonly used in print and are represented in braille according to specific rules.

Abbreviations, when brailled, should follow print capitalization, punctuation, order, and spacing except in certain circumstances which will be mentioned later. A letter sign is not used with an abbreviation unless it could be confused with a word or short-form word. Unspaced abbreviations and abbreviations that represent a unit such as sq. ft. and W. Va. should not be separated between braille lines. Examples:

Ph.D.27 sq.ft.5 KW
N.W.T.ASAP q.i.d.

When an abbreviation is unspaced from the preceding number, insert a letter sign before the abbreviation. [VIII.31.a] Examples:

5mL2yds, 4ft