12.3c(2) In outlines and lists. [II.12.b(5)]

Unlike enclosed letters in regular text, print punctuation is retained, and a letter sign is not used, for letters that designate topics within outlines and lists—whether items are listed vertically or horizontally. If, however, such letters are not in contact with punctuation, a letter sign is required. Examples:

A. Thomas Edison
  1. youth
    a) birth
    b) siblings
  2. education

Refer to item [d] in the list.

Refer to item d in the list.

The court decided: a. Hays was guilty; b. it was a felony; c. a ten-year sentence.

Q: How long is the sentence, Mr. Hays?
A: Too long!

[Enclosed single-letter abbreviations and single letters in contact with a slash will be studied in Lesson 13.]