11.8 Short-Form Words In Proper Names [XVI.47.b]

Short-form words are used to represent an entire word in a proper name only—never just part of a word. Examples:

(Little), Br(ow)n (and) Co.Jimmy Doolittle
Cape of (Good) HopeGoodye(ar) Tire (and) Ru(bb)(er) Co.
(Quick), NebraskaQuicksburg, Virg(in)ia
Goodwife [or] Goody Br(ow)nGoodman (Ed)w(ar)d
(Little)'s Cafe(Children)'s Press

• Notice that titles, even archaic ones like Goodwife, Goody, and Goodman, are considered part of the name and the same rule applies. Note also that short forms are used for whole proper names when they are followed by an apostrophe.

Within titles, common words that have short forms are contracted as usual. Proper names within titles must follow the rule above. Examples:

[book title] The Greats in Aviation: Lindbergh and Doolittle

[book title] Louis Braille's Story of Blindness and Braille