10.1a In general.

Final-letter contractions are two-cell contractions that are formed by preceding the final letter of common letter combinations by dots 4-6, dots 5-6, or dot 6. The following is a complete list of these contractions. Note that in each column the contractions are listed alphabetically using the last letter of the letter grouping.

Dots 4-6Dots 5-6Dot 6
-ance -ence
-ity -ally

Dots 4-6 also form the italic sign, dots 5-6 the letter sign (both to be studied later), and dot 6 the capital sign. These composition signs nearly always appear at the beginning of a word. To avoid confusion with these composition signs, final-letter contractions are used only in the middle or at the end of a word or name. Examples:

(ar)(oundb(ound)(ar)y assi(st)(ance) (ch)(ance)llor
preci(sion) proces(sion)al hope(less) b(less)(ed)
c(ount) m(ount)a(in) provid(ence) h(ence)(for)(th)
(be)l(ong) m(ong)rel hope(ful) fai(th)(ful)ly
(con)(st)itu(tion)al edi(tion) firm(ness) T(en)(ness)ee
me(ment)o (com)(ment) cav(ity) p(ity)(ing)
(st)(ation)(ar)y n(ation) re(ally) r(ally)(ing)
L(ance) Fr(ance)s Sp(ence)r S(ally)

They are also used when they appear at the beginning of a line in a divided word. Thus:


However, final-letter contractions are never used in words such as ancestor, lesson, encephalitis, fulfill, mental, and other words where the letters of the contractions occur at the beginning of the word.