8.2a Used only within words.

Note that, in addition to the meanings given above, each of these characters is also used to represent some other contraction or punctuation. Some represent whole words, others act as contractions at the beginning of words, and some appear at the end of words as punctuation. To prevent confusion, a rule has been adopted that when these characters are used to represent the double-letter signs or the ea sign, they are used only between letters and/or contractions within a word. For that reason they are sometimes called the "sandwich contractions." Examples:

Bobby occupy added puffy eggs tease

Consequently, these contractions cannot be used at the beginning or the end of a word. Nor can they be used in contact with punctuation or composition signs. Examples:

easy tea sheriff's
SeaCliff Apts. ebb-tide
Keep in mind: Although the ea sign is used in a word like feature, where such a word is divided between lines (fea/ture), the contraction is not used because it would then be in contact with a hyphen.