7.9 Be, con, dis, and com in Abbreviations [XIII.43.a]

If any of these four contractions can be used in a complete word, it can also be used in the abbreviation for that word. Thus, since the con sign is used in the word Connecticut, it should also be used in the abbreviation Conn. Likewise, the dis sign should be used in Dist., the abbreviation for District, and the com sign should be used in Comdg., the abbreviation for Commanding. Of course, if the letters comprising any of these contractions constitute an entire abbreviation, as in Con. for Consolidated, the contraction cannot be used as it would result in two lower signs following one another without a space, and neither would be in contact with a character containing dot 1 or dot 4. Also, if these contractions could not have been used in the word itself, they should not be used in its abbreviation, as in Belg., the abbreviation for Belgium.